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Last Updated on: July 14th, 2024

Illusion Slash Illusion
Illusion Slash Illusion
Damages target from a distance by using your sword

Attack is boosted according to skill level and current attack speed

Fix consumption of 20 SP

1 seconds

Active Skill Land Skill Class: All

Used by

Ascendant Corp Warrior ID: 1441
Ascendant Corp Warrior Usage Rate: 20%
Ascendant Corp Fighter ID: 1440
Ascendant Corp Fighter Usage Rate: 20%
Ascendant Merc Warrior ID: 1437
Ascendant Merc Warrior Usage Rate: 20%
Hell's Champ Protector ID: 1369
Hell's Champ Protector Usage Rate: 20%
Hell's Lance Protector ID: 1368
Hell's Lance Protector Usage Rate: 20%
Tundra Dragon Carsise ID: 1269
Tundra Dragon Carsise Usage Rate: 20%
Tundra Dragon Lance ID: 1268
Tundra Dragon Lance Usage Rate: 20%
Big Mobster ID: 1225
Big Mobster Usage Rate: 20%
Supreme Minion ID: 1212
Supreme Minion Usage Rate: 20%
Kylin Lance ID: 1206
Kylin Lance Usage Rate: 20%
Abyss Lord - Phantom Baron ID: 979
Abyss Lord - Phantom Baron Usage Rate: 20%
Black Dragon Carsise ID: 884
Black Dragon Carsise Usage Rate: 20%
Black Dragon Lance ID: 883
Black Dragon Lance Usage Rate: 20%
Carsise Champion Phantom ID: 874
Carsise Champion Phantom Usage Rate: 20%
Lance Crusader Phantom ID: 870
Lance Crusader Phantom Usage Rate: 20%