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Last Updated on: May 13th, 2024

Spiritual Bolt Illusion
Spiritual Bolt Illusion
Attacks target with magical damage

Deal magical damage and ignore Physical Defense. Damage determined by skill level and spirit

Consumes 32 SP at Level 1. Increases by 2 SP per skill level

2 seconds

Active Skill Land Skill Class: All

Used by

Hell's Ami Protector ID: 1371
Hell's Ami Protector Usage Rate: 20%
Tundra Dragon Ami ID: 1271
Tundra Dragon Ami Usage Rate: 20%
Black Dragon Ami ID: 886
Black Dragon Ami Usage Rate: 20%
Ami Seal Master Phantom ID: 881
Ami Seal Master Phantom Usage Rate: 20%
Phyllis Cleric Phantom ID: 878
Phyllis Cleric Phantom Usage Rate: 20%