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Last Updated on: April 16th, 2019

Illusion Slash
Illusion Slash
Damages target from a distance by using your sword

Attack is boosted according to skill level and current attack speed

Fix consumption of 20 SP

Active Skill Land Skill Class: Swordsman Champion Crusader

Pre-requisite Skill

Sword Mastery ID: 62
Sword Mastery Skill Lv: 3

Used by

Ascendant Merc Fighter ID: 1436
Ascendant Merc Fighter Usage Rate: 25%
Warrior Demon ID: 1265
Warrior Demon Usage Rate: 50%
Icy Soul ID: 1107
Icy Soul Usage Rate: 60%
Icy Soul Lord ID: 1101
Icy Soul Lord Usage Rate: 40%
Sword Demon ID: 1095
Sword Demon Usage Rate: 40%
Pirate 008 ID: 736
Pirate 008 Usage Rate: 40%