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Last Updated on: April 16th, 2019

Mighty Strike
Mighty Strike
Ferocious melee attack on a single target

Deals 100 true damage per 1,000 maximum attack, maximum of 9,000 damage.

Consumes 60 SP at Level 1. Increases by 13 SP per skill level

Active Skill Land Skill Class: Champion

Pre-requisite Skill

Strengthen ID: 64
Strengthen Skill Lv: 3

Used by

Battle Mummy ID: 1391
Battle Mummy Usage Rate: 25%
Lifeblood Battle ID: 1115
Lifeblood Battle Usage Rate: 25%
Blooding Warrior ID: 1092
Blooding Warrior Usage Rate: 25%
Pirate 007 ID: 735
Pirate 007 Usage Rate: 40%