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Stall name Seller Location
( full discount keep buying with this stall )
Name Change Card ROSO Rings Chest Dark Matter Chest Reforging Scroll Wyvern Shard Marriage Chest Raid Shard Fearless Neck
@Staller45 Icicle City
(1312, 517)
( something chep plss buy )
ROSO Rings Chest Pouch of Melancholy Raid Shard Gyoza
@33212311 Icicle City
(1314, 547)
( 26.11.2021 stall prosonly allowed )
Dark Matter Chest Raid Shard Augment Guarantee Increase VIP Set Chest Pet Lv Up Card(175) Eye of the Abyss Icebrand 2
@HighPower Icicle City
(1309, 509)
( chek this one for freeeeeeeeeee )
ROSO Rings Chest Augment Prevent Decrease Pouch of Melancholy Fourth RB Chest Raid Shard Augment Guarantee Increase Ore Augment Guarantee Increase Augment Mini Success Increase Wyvern Shard Augment Success Increase Augment Grade Increase Eye of the Abyss
@stallerĀ·p Icicle City
(1314, 512)
( chek this stall all pro items u like th... )
Raid Shard Marriage Chest Pet Lv Up Card(175) +1% EXP Scroll +10% EXP Scroll Guild Boss Box ROSO Rings Chest Augmented Amplifier VIP Set Chest Teddy Swing Dark Matter Chest Wyvern Shard Upgraded Rage Chest Upgraded Sage Chest Power of Flame
@SweetChild Argent City
(2242, 2801)
( Neck Gems|Max lvl Orbs|ExpPamps )
Lv5 Miracle Lv5 Revive Lv5 Confusion EXP Pamphlet Divine Spirit Divine Speed Divine Power Divine Knight Divine Sniper Lv9 Self Destruct Lv9 Restoration
@store123456a Argent City
(2247, 2722)
( sw /eye of the abyss/ ex soul/ heart )
Lv1-3 Excruciating Soul Chest SW - Winning Box Lv1 Excruciating Heart Chest Lv1 Excruciating Soul Chest Eye of the Abyss
@BicH Shaitan City
(900, 3571)
( Honor Cap Lv7-9 )
Honor's Cap
@FarmeMiner4 Argent City
(2226, 2824)
( ....Itame....Itame....Itame.... )
Fairy of Strength Augment Success Increase Wyvern Shard Raid Shard Holy Shadow +1% EXP Scroll Reindeer Summon Scroll 3x Divine Neck Chests Summon
@Zizomoss Argent City
(2201, 2724)
( SUA TIA ... )
ROSO Coin Upgraded Sage Chest Lv1-3 Excruciating Heart Chest Marriage Chest Great Gem of Wind Great Fairy Ration Great Auto Ration Lv7 Heavenly Chest Trait 'Shrouded' Trait 'Holy' Trait 'Abyss' Trait 'Typhoon' Trait 'Hardened' Trait 'Agile' Trait 'Divined'
@PrinceMerleh Argent City
(2239, 2776)
( H STRIKING ,WIND 1-9 SETS,ss trait )
Heavenly Striking Heavenly Wind Trait 'Shrouded'
@Staller17 Argent City
(2224, 2777)
( H COLO,H RAGE 1-9 )
Heavenly Colossus Heavenly Rage Trait 'Hardened'
@Staller20 Argent City
(2236, 2776)
( asdasda )
Lucifer Bow
@VOVOY Argent City
(2238, 2803)
( Restorations, Cowards, Revive Orbs 100B... )
Lv1 Coward Lv2 Coward Lv3 Coward Lv9 Restoration Lv8 Restoration Lv7 Restoration Lv6 Restoration Lv5 Restoration Lv4 Restoration Lv3 Restoration Lv2 Restoration Lv1 Restoration Lv5 Revive Lv4 Revive Lv3 Revive Lv2 Revive Lv1 Revive
@Bufitaaaaa Icicle City
(1310, 541)
( ____________________________ )
Augment Prevent Decrease +1% EXP Scroll
@ChampsGT Argent City
(2198, 2738)
Fairy of Strength
@dsbnsdf Argent City
(2208, 2876)
( Sell T (Trillion) DCORD MasterKun12#6088 )
Fairy of Strength
@dgnsd2d Argent City
(2228, 2865)
( Sell Money (Trillion) Discord MasterKun... )
Fairy of Strength
@vbsdfsd Argent City
(2226, 2790)
( look at me only )
Lv1 Coward Lv2 Coward Heavenly Colossus Heavenly Rage Heavenly Wind Heavenly Soul EXP Pamphlet Fearless Ring
@strongnss Argent City
(2198, 2747)
( sigil master neck novice bluepr )
Master Neck Marriage Chest Wyvern Shard Raid Shard Upgraded Rage Chest Upgraded Sage Chest Novice Blueprint Sage Armor Rage Gloves Sage Gloves Sage Boots Great Gem of Wind Buff Note
@sekosss Argent City
(2198, 2780)