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Stall name Seller Location
Hardened Belt of Bayne Chaotic Belt of Temis Agile Belt of Bayne Agile Handguard of Bayne Chaotic Handguard of Temis Holy Handguard of Temis
@B1GGGS Argent City
(2250, 2789)
( gogogog )
Pouch of Melancholy Azrael Chest Mordo Junior Fire Staff
@stallermf Argent City
(2200, 2716)
( Cheap jewelries for crus! )
Divined Handguard of Bayne
@MitsukiStall Argent City
(2232, 2744)
Holy Belt of Temis Dark Ring Augment Prevent Decrease Orb Bag Mini Contem Stone Bag Contem Stone Bag +10% EXP Scroll Great Gem Bag +1% EXP Scroll
@MGAputanginaNYO Shaitan City
(903, 3575)
( pet and rings )
Angela Junior Dark Ring
@+-LouTzy-+#14 Demension's Castle
(27, 28)
( cheap jews| mounts )
Divined Bracelet of Bayne Holy Belt of Temis Owlie Bear Cub Advanced Jar of Milk Novice Jar of Milk Camel
@Suuushii Argent City
(2200, 2890)
( 12 Y Badge )
12 Years
@Sea Argent City
(2231, 2823)
( fluega / argano / prevents )
Contem Fluega Contem Argano Augment Prevent Decrease
@Hairds Argent City
(2201, 2879)
( cheap 3 pgs )
Great Gem of Striking Augment Success Increase Strengthening Gem Fearless Bow Boss Slayer Great Gem of Wind Great Gem of Soul Mysterious Cloth Essence of Kara Heart of Black Dragon
@Harrison* Argent City
(2227, 2788)
( F )
CrackMan666 Helmet kanekis battle armor
@R3C4LL Argent City
(2228, 2803)
( Look )
Name Change Card Great Gem Bag Great Gem of Striking Rare Snow Dragon Fruit Rare Icespire Plum
@BilolaTRAP Argent City
(2175, 2780)
(2201, 2893)
( vari karin )
Fairy of Constitution Runic Sigil Cuddly Lamb
@Daaamn Argent City
(2179, 2781)
( / )
Master Neck Exquisite Feed
@Sola` Argent City
(2134, 2782)
( >??????????< )
Augment Prevent Decrease Wyvern Shard Raid Shard Knight's Power
@BrownDestiny Argent City
(2218, 2793)
( Jews )
Agile Handguard of Bayne Holy Bracelet of Temis Tidal Bracelet of Temis
@Ikikun Shaitan City
(813, 3653)
( STR Gem more! )
Strengthening Gem Heavenly Chest Creation Scroll Dark Matter Chest Marriage Chest Trait Class Change Contem Treflum Contem Hynema Contem Nefetri Contem Blenaro Name Change Card
@SmallTeddybear Argent City
(2212, 2900)
( Strengthening Gem|Wing Bow )
Strengthening Gem Wing Bow Rare Icespire Plum Rare Zephyr Fish Floss Rare Snow Dragon Fruit Rare Shaitan Biscuit
@DonBobo Icicle City
(1322, 537)
( 1 )
Divined Cannon 100 IMPs Token Augment Prevent Decrease Augment Mini Success Increase Augment Success Increase
@sa2339h Argent City
(2237, 2774)
Improved Archer Tank's Buff Knight's Power Warrior's Speed Fleeing Shadow Blinding Wind
@iUnited~ Icicle City
(1315, 533)