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Last Updated on: May 13th, 2024

ID Name Description Level Type
500 Anlina's Letter A letter from Anlina to Clatos 0 Quest Item
948 Sang Di Account Book Book that records people who owe Sang Di money 0 Quest Item
949 Herbal Pouch Herbal Pouch 0 Quest Item
956 Urgent Package Urgent Package that's wrapped tightly 0 Quest Item
957 My rebirth history The book is surrounded in mysterious dark list, and the title indicates the author name as: Thomas Riedel Mahero. The book has 5231 pages. 0 Quest Item
958 Sealed information full of blood information 0 Quest Item
1005 Flower's Letter The last letter writtn by Flower to Little Fish 0 Quest Item
1025 Mask of Zorro Quest item. Evil mask that used to be righteous 0 Quest Item
1030 Bloodied High Heels A pair of high-heels with blood stains 0 Quest Item
1040 Bloodstone The highest grade among Jit Bloodstone 0 Quest Item
1041 Invitation Letter Supermun's invitation to Judis 0 Quest Item
1042 Restoration Potion Ability to restore faded wording 0 Quest Item
1043 Memory Soup Legendary liquid that can restore one's memory 0 Quest Item
1044 Letter of Merman Prince Proof of Honesty 0 Quest Item
1045 Moonstone A piece of brimstone. Able to change a human body magnetic field 0 Quest Item
1046 Recommendation Letter Recommendation Letter 0 Quest Item
1047 Eyedrop Prevent eyes from getting pricked 0 Quest Item
1048 Sunstone A piece of brimstone. Able to change a human body magnetic field 0 Quest Item
1049 Enchanted Pouch Enchanted Pouch 0 Quest Item
1050 Memory Capsule Consume with caution, with side effects. 0 Quest Item
1051 Evil Soul Necklace Evil Soul Necklace, belonging to Sang Di 0 Quest Item
1052 Sacred Soul Amulet An amulet to relieve craziness 0 Quest Item
1053 Piety Treasure Map Test Piety Treasure Map 0 Quest Item
1054 Lotus Clover Plant that reverse hurt due from love 0 Quest Item
1097 Cake Sampling Voucher You can exchange for a delicious cake with it! 0 Quest Item
1850 Parcel A gift for others 0 Quest Item
1864 Crystal Ball Lost Crystal Ball 0 Quest Item
1865 Gemini Protecting Seal Gemini protector seal 0 Quest Item
1866 Cancer Palace Ticket The necessary certificate to enter Cancer Palace 0 Quest Item
1874 Gemini Chaos Badge Gemini Chaos Hero Emblem 0 Quest Item
1875 Gemini Reputation Emblem Gemini Reputation Award 0 Quest Item
1876 Gemini Leveling Badge Gemini Levelling Award 0 Quest Item
1877 Gemini Honor Medal Gemini Honor Award 0 Quest Item
1878 Gemini Collecting Medal Gemini Collecting Award 0 Quest Item
1879 Gemini Adventurer Emblem Gemini Adventurer Award 0 Quest Item
1880 Gemini Boss Badge Gemini Heroic Dragon Slayer's Emblem 0 Quest Item
2226 Baby Rune No. 1 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Love. 0 Quest Item
2227 Roico Rune No. 2 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Virtue. 0 Quest Item
2228 Leo Rune No. 3 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Wisdom. 0 Quest Item
2229 CiMen Rune No. 4 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Authority. 0 Quest Item
2230 Dina Rune No. 5 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Beauty. 0 Quest Item
2231 Bragi Rune No. 6 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Honor. 0 Quest Item
2232 Mel Rune No. 7 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Wealth. 0 Quest Item
2233 Amon Rune No. 8 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Freedom. 0 Quest Item
2234 Star Rune No. 9 Rune. Part of Rebirth Stone, representing Hope. 0 Quest Item
2235 Rebirth Stone Rebirth Stone. Rumored to be engraved by an Archangel, Robin. 0 Quest Item
2303 Amber Tear Amber Tear 0 Quest Item
2384 Unique Weapon Weapon with unique appearance and an aura of energy around it 0 Quest Item
2385 Captain's Keepsake Keepsake of an old captain 0 Quest Item
2387 Severed Commander's Head Head of the Navy Base General 0 Quest Item