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Last Updated on: October 15th, 2018

ID Name Description Level Type
266 Black Dragon Altar Place sacrificial item on this mysterious altar to receive Black Dragon set. Amount of sacrificial points will determine quality of the set! 0 65
579 Entrance Certificate An Entrance Certificate 0 65
2911 Challenge Letter Do you dare to challenge Genesis? Please note that I reside at the 1st inventory slot of your inventory. Do not move my position throughout this quest 0 65
2912 Bawcock Letter Congratulations for completing the arduous TOP World Voyage! You can check your time record here 0 65
2952 Special Operation Card Special Operation Time Card. 0 65
2954 Proof of Death If struck by lightning, in a non- exp gaining map, wearing no exp lost equipment, pk or death due to lost of fuel are not counted. You will need to reactivate the quest if you have abandoned it. Please delete the quest item in advance. 0 65
3066 Church Permission Booklet License for using mosque enjoy romantic experience! 0 65
3078 Celebration Invitation Card Double Click the card at the time shown to go to the related church. It will be valid for 2 hours. 0 65
3279 Report Card These are the results of your test. You can't change your grade. 0 65
3280 Leveling Examination Paper That's essential for the test. Don't lose it. 0 65
3281 Promotion Examination Report Card A list that records the scores gained in upgrade examinations. You'd better not modify the scores. 0 65
3282 Answer sheet of level up exam The Promotion Examination test paper. The score depends on your performance. 0 65
5724 Prison Log Card Used to record how long you've stayed in prison. Put it in the 3rd inventory slot 0 65
5803 Card of the Dauntless 0 65
7810 Raid Dragon Altar Raid Alter. 0 65