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Last Updated on: March 19th, 2019

Azure Crystal
Azure Crystal
Common Item
Crystal that glow with the color of the sea
345G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 99x

Dropped by

Lv 109 Demonic Soul ID: 1097
Demonic Soul 100.00%
Lv 68 Palace Guard ID: 202
Palace Guard 39.00%
Lv 69 Mad Tribal Witchdoctor ID: 523
Mad Tribal Witchdoctor 37.50%
Lv 68 Beardy Pirate Militia ID: 571
Beardy Pirate Militia 31.51%
Lv 67 Evil Pumpkin Knight ID: 546
Evil Pumpkin Knight 28.50%
Lv 65 Elite Werewolf Archer ID: 520
Elite Werewolf Archer 19.50%
Lv 59 Cursed Corpse ID: 52
Cursed Corpse 15.00%
Lv 57 Vicious Undead Warrior ID: 521
Vicious Undead Warrior 12.00%
Lv 48 Feral Blood Polliwog ID: 601
Feral Blood Polliwog 10.50%
Lv 58 Northern Pirate Militia ID: 564
Northern Pirate Militia 7.50%
Lv 57 Northern Pirate Sailor ID: 562
Northern Pirate Sailor 7.50%
Lv 53 Elite Werewolf Warrior ID: 513
Elite Werewolf Warrior 4.50%
Lv 51 Sturdy Rock Golem ID: 505
Sturdy Rock Golem 3.00%