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Last Updated on: February 8th, 2023

Azure Crystal
Azure Crystal
Common Item
Crystal that glow with the color of the sea
345G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 99x

A material for

Analyzed with

Dropped by

Lv 109 Demonic Soul ID: 1097
Demonic Soul 100.00%
Lv 68 Palace Guard ID: 202
Palace Guard 39.00%
Lv 69 Mad Tribal Witchdoctor ID: 523
Mad Tribal Witchdoctor 37.50%
Lv 68 Beardy Pirate Militia ID: 571
Beardy Pirate Militia 31.51%
Lv 67 Evil Pumpkin Knight ID: 546
Evil Pumpkin Knight 28.50%
Lv 65 Elite Werewolf Archer ID: 520
Elite Werewolf Archer 19.50%
Lv 59 Cursed Corpse ID: 52
Cursed Corpse 15.00%
Lv 57 Vicious Undead Warrior ID: 521
Vicious Undead Warrior 12.00%
Lv 48 Feral Blood Polliwog ID: 601
Feral Blood Polliwog 10.50%
Lv 58 Northern Pirate Militia ID: 564
Northern Pirate Militia 7.50%
Lv 57 Northern Pirate Sailor ID: 562
Northern Pirate Sailor 7.50%
Lv 53 Elite Werewolf Warrior ID: 513
Elite Werewolf Warrior 4.50%
Lv 51 Sturdy Rock Golem ID: 505
Sturdy Rock Golem 3.00%