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Last Updated on: February 8th, 2023

Common Item
A piece of rock that does not belong to this world
455G Droppable Tradable Deletable up to 99x

A material for

Analyzed with

Dropped by

Lv 25 Bandit Leader - Adder ID: 211
Bandit Leader - Adder 100.00%
Lv 80 Dharma Pharaoh ID: 63
Dharma Pharaoh 30.00%
Lv 26 Sea Jelly ID: 90
Sea Jelly 30.00%
Lv 58 Mature Ruby Dolphin ID: 622
Mature Ruby Dolphin 12.00%
Lv 55 Guardian Angel ID: 284
Guardian Angel 7.50%
Lv 59 Skeletal Warrior Leader ID: 565
Skeletal Warrior Leader 4.50%
Lv 57 Northern Pirate Fighter ID: 563
Northern Pirate Fighter 3.00%
Lv 53 Iron Mummy ID: 41
Iron Mummy 1.50%
Lv 29 Man Eating Sea Jelly ID: 596
Man Eating Sea Jelly 1.50%