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Stall name Seller Location
( sigil master neck novice bluepr )
Master Neck Marriage Chest Wyvern Shard Raid Shard Upgraded Rage Chest Upgraded Sage Chest Novice Blueprint Sage Armor Rage Gloves Sage Gloves Sage Boots Great Gem of Wind Buff Note
@sekosss Argent City
(2198, 2780)
( fluega shard candy bar cup etc )
Right Twix Candy Bar Left Twix Candy Bar Wyvern Shard Boss Slayer Upgraded Sage Chest Sage Gloves Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Spirit Leaf Lv8 Self Destruct Lv9 Self Destruct Lv7 Self Destruct Spirit Bouquet Authentic Ore
@abankbank Argent City
(2182, 2774)
( look at me )
Master Neck Augment Guarantee Increase Ore Heavenly Rage Heavenly Striking Prawn Dumpling Earthquake Generator Lv4 China Clay BBQ Shark Fin Tigerfish Bone Crisp Ratfish Rice Upgraded Sage Chest Hydros Fruit Carrion Ball Lv4
@newplayers Argent City
(2200, 2789)