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Stall name Seller Location
( Jwels Ultra/Legendary/Epic Cheap ! )
Agile Belt of Bayne Holy Belt of Temis Hardened Bracelet of Bayne Holy Bracelet of Temis Shrouded Bracelet of Bayne Holy Handguard of Temis Tidal Bracelet of Temis Chaotic Handguard of Temis Hardened Handguard of Bayne Chaotic Bracelet of Temis Agile Bracelet of Bayne
@Jwelsssssss Argent City
(2188, 2781)
( MANY GEMS!!!!!! )
Heavenly Rage Heavenly Wind Heavenly Soul Divine Power Holy Shadow
@XGazelX Argent City
(2199, 2708)
( x1947 Aug Mini Succ / CHEAP QUICK! )
Augment Mini Success Increase
@Berqueis Argent City
(2204, 2891)
( Sell )
Angela Junior 13 Candles Fairy of Constitution
@MerchOp Demension's Castle
(19, 39)
( cheap ss )
Shrouded Belt of Bayne Shrouded Bracelet of Bayne Shrouded Handguard of Bayne Hardened Bracelet of Bayne Tidal Handguard of Temis Tidal Bracelet of Temis
@NavyMan Icicle City
(1303, 536)
( 4b )
@+[Mata*Perras]+ Vespa's Courtyard
(40, 32)
( rb 5+neck+27char discord Biggy#1257 )
Knife of Alio Cutter of Alio Apparel Runic Kylin Boots Dark Ring Apparel Runic Kylin Armor Apparel Runic Kylin Gloves (Lv7)Terror Cape - Shrouded Death Crown Agile Handguard of Bayne Agile Bracelet of Bayne Agile Belt of Bayne Mordo Junior
@-[Kurama]-[#37] Argent City
(2243, 2723)
Hardened Belt of Bayne Hardened Handguard of Bayne
@Makagago~ Argent City
(2260, 2770)
( )
Majestic Wolf Witch Broomstick Reindeer Snowfall Special Fireworks Heart of Reborn Rage Pass EXP Dark Neck
@GeppettoBanker7 Argent City
(2274, 2776)
( )
Agile Belt of Bayne Agile Handguard of Bayne
@NoSmoking Icicle City
(1317, 531)
( check this out )
Behemoth Majestic Wolf Snow Leopard Pet Lv Up Card(175) Chaotic Belt of Temis Holy Bracelet of Temis Hardened Belt of Bayne Divined Belt of Bayne
@EzBestChamp Argent City
(2230, 2804)
@~Kv~ Argent City
(2156, 2781)
( christmas badge sale )
Phyllis Mario Bros Gloves Phyllis Mario Bros Overalls Phyllis Mario Bros Boots Agile Bracelet of Bayne Exquisite Feed
@Kych Argent City
(2206, 2883)
( )
Fairy of Constitution Dark Ring Elder Wyvern Summon Scroll Raid Dragon Altar Cuddly Lamb Hardened Bracelet of Bayne Heavenly Chest Nightmare I
@Mamarukay Argent City
(2234, 2855)
Rage Pass EXP Augment Guarantee Increase Elder Wyvern Summon Scroll Shrouded Handguard of Bayne Tidal Belt of Temis Chaotic Belt of Temis Chaotic Bracelet of Temis Chaotic Handguard of Temis Holy Belt of Temis Holy Handguard of Temis Hardened Bracelet of Bayne Trait 'Divined' Trait 'Hardened' Trait 'Typhoon' Trait 'Abyss' Trait 'Holy'
@Elvio-Lador Argent City
(2250, 2788)
Lucifer's General Dragon's Medal Ifrit's Glory Heroism Fireball Nomad Crest - III Cuddly Lamb Nightmare IV Wolf Chimera Tracker Emblem - II
@Staller15 Argent City
(2227, 2776)
Pirate's Gift Torn Trait Fission Tablet Rage Shield Pouch of Melancholy
@Kv Argent City
(2191, 2784)
Augment Prevent Decrease
@xcontastallx4 Argent City
(2191, 2788)
Mini Contem Stone Bag Great Gem Bag Accessory Gems Bag Orb Bag
@stall001 Argent City
(2185, 2781)
( s )
Elven Royal Signet
@GemStall Shaitan City
(901, 3509)