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Stall name Seller Location
( Look at stalll )
+1% EXP Scroll +10% EXP Scroll Ascension Flame Chest VIP Set Chest Eye of the Abyss Pet Lv Up Card(175) Augment Guarantee Increase Dark Matter Chest Name Change Card Wing Bow King Trait Fission Tablet Wyvern Shard Raid Shard Augment Success Increase Augment Prevent Decrease Rage Knife&Cutter Chest
@SweetChild Argent City
(2245, 2798)
( <<<<<<< )
Trait Class Change Shrouded Belt of Bayne Holy Priest Tidal's Wrath Chaotic Mage Shrouded Handguard of Bayne Shrouded Bracelet of Bayne Improved Archer
@MiHawkEye Argent City
(2210, 2872)
( buy alllllllllll )
Augment Guarantee Increase Upgraded Sage Chest Skull Swing - Lance Elder Wyvern Summon Scroll Fearless Ring Fearless Neck Shrouded Bracelet of Bayne Agile Bracelet of Bayne Divined Handguard of Bayne Lv1-7 Heavenly Chest Lv1-8 Heavenly Chest Lv1-9 Heavenly Chest
@ItsLeni Argent City
(2196, 2715)
( sell )
Dark Ring Divined Handguard of Bayne (Lv7)Terror Cape - Shrouded Contem Hynema
@VOYjeicoVOY Shaitan City
(903, 3545)
Knight's Power Warrior's Speed Broken Sage Fleeing Shadow Blinding Wind +10% EXP Scroll Orb Bag
@ezpzlmsqzy Shaitan City
(898, 3577)
( )
Trait 'Divined' Trait 'Holy' Trait 'Agile' Shady Demon Helm Jumanji Sword
@Roamies Argent City
(2221, 2712)
( )
Wyvern Shard Raid Shard Augment Prevent Decrease Augment Grade Increase
@DeHades* Argent City
(2223, 2712)
( great gems )
Great Gem of Striking Great Gem of Soul Great Gem of Wind Great Gem of Colossus
@ItsHeart Argent City
(2214, 2874)
( sell )
Hardened Belt of Bayne Holy Belt of Temis Holy Handguard of Temis Agile Bracelet of Bayne Divined Handguard of Bayne +10% EXP Scroll +1% EXP Scroll Wyvern Shard Raid Shard Great Gem of Wind Great Gem of Striking Immortal Flame Grand Potion of Evasion Essence of Kara Gem of Rage Holy Hunter
@champjeicox Shaitan City
(906, 3545)
Contem Restari Contem Nefetri Agile Bracelet of Bayne Holy Bracelet of Temis Tidal Belt of Temis Divined Handguard of Bayne Tank's Buff Contem Treflum Warrior's Speed Cuddly Lamb
@F4rtzp1s0t Argent City
(2247, 2707)
( TankBuff Lv1-9/ImpArcher Lv1-9 )
Tank's Buff Improved Archer
@FarmeMiner15 Argent City
(2227, 2818)
( Ez! )
+1% EXP Scroll Temis's Chaotic Chest Temis's Holy Chest Bayne's Agile Chest Wyvern Shard Augment Prevent Decrease Orb Bag Jewelry Fracture Bayne's Shrouded Fracture Standard Crafting Pouch Augment Success Increase Raid Crystal
@Kjds Argent City
(2153, 2764)
( Ez! )
Novice Crafting Pouch Augment Grade Increase Raid Shard Augment Grade Increase Ore +1% EXP Scroll Augment Success Increase Ore Azrael Chest Augment Success Increase Name Change Card Authentic Ore Expert Crafting Pouch Standard Crafting Pouch
@mrqueso4 Argent City
(2141, 2775)
( Azz Chest! )
Lv1-4 Undead Azrael Lv1-4 Azrael Light Lv1-4 Azrael Dance Heavenly Chest Marriage Chest
@mrqueso1 Argent City
(2142, 2765)
( Decombine )
Lv2 Decomposition Powder Lv3 Decomposition Powder Lv4 Decomposition Powder Lv5 Decomposition Powder Lv6 Decomposition Powder Lv7 Decomposition Powder Lv9 Decomposition Powder
@mrqueso3 Argent City
(2145, 2764)
( mounts 1t ea )
Camel Cuddly Lamb Owlie
@ey4 Argent City
(2194, 2889)
( All jews 1.5T )
Tidal Bracelet of Temis Agile Bracelet of Bayne Agile Handguard of Bayne Tidal Handguard of Temis Tidal Belt of Temis
@hqb Argent City
(2205, 2876)
( Jews good price )
Divined Handguard of Bayne Shrouded Handguard of Bayne Tidal Handguard of Temis Agile Handguard of Bayne Shrouded Belt of Bayne
@qnnq Argent City
(2198, 2883)
( )
Angela Junior
@`BLAIRE Argent City
(2167, 2803)
( ezpz )
Temis's Jewelry Chest Lava Dragon (4thRB) Summon Scroll Rage Gun Chest Agile Handguard of Bayne Tidal Bracelet of Temis
@McDaddy Argent City
(2234, 2848)