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Stall name Seller Location
Fairy of Constitution Naive Snow Doll Balloon Vampire Bat Wolf Fearless Ring Fearless Neck Lv1-4 Azrael Light Lv1-4 Azrael Dance Sage Dagger Chest Lv1-4 Azrael Glare Lv1-4 Azrael Aggregation Lv1-4 Undead Azrael
@°FE1 Argent City
(2179, 2768)
( VipChest )
VIP Set Chest
@FarmeMiner3 Argent City
(2227, 2818)
( RaidShard/WyvernShard )
Raid Shard Wyvern Shard
@FarmeMiner2 Argent City
(2229, 2836)
Rage Pass EXP Augment Guarantee Increase Shrouded Handguard of Bayne Chaotic Belt of Temis Chaotic Bracelet of Temis Chaotic Handguard of Temis Holy Belt of Temis Holy Handguard of Temis Tidal Belt of Temis Trait 'Holy' Trait 'Hardened' Trait 'Divined' Trait 'Abyss' Trait 'Agile' Trait 'Typhoon' Trait 'Shrouded'
@biluuuuuu Argent City
(2250, 2788)
( New staller im back )
Ascendant Shard Name Change Card Augment Prevent Decrease Augment Success Increase ROSO Necklace Elder Wyvern Summon Scroll Raid Crystal Augment Mini Success Increase Chaos Master King Novice Crafting Pouch Pouch of Melancholy Dark Matter Chest Augment Grade Increase
@SweetChild Argent City
(2241, 2800)
( )
Phoenix Pie Lv1-9 Heavenly Chest Lv1-8 Heavenly Chest Raid Shard Wyvern Shard Bear Cub Diamond Star Nightmare II Rage Hammer Chest Great Gem of Rage
@12312334123d Argent City
(2234, 2860)
( )
Contem Argano
@EYES Argent City
(2234, 2871)
( )
Sage Master Gem Chest Fairy of Strength Chaotic Belt of Temis Constitution Trait 'Random' Pouch of Melancholy
@o5 Argent City
(2227, 2861)
( )
Shrouded Bracelet of Bayne Raid Dragon Altar Hardened Bracelet of Bayne Cuddly Lamb Fairy of Constitution Chaotic Belt of Temis Heavenly Chest
@Mamarukay Argent City
(2234, 2847)
( )
Shrouded Handguard of Bayne Hardened Bracelet of Bayne Holy Handguard of Temis Shattered Sigil Trait Class Change Heavenly Chest Prestige I Prestige II
@OLOKgamay Argent City
(2235, 2853)
( )
X-'s Bow of Vanity VIP Set Chest Augment Prevent Decrease Augment Success Increase Augment Mini Success Increase Sage Seal Chest Rage Knife&Cutter Chest Sage Staff Chest Sage Dagger Chest Fury Rage Blade Chest Rage Gun Chest Rage Sword Chest Upgraded Sage Chest Upgraded Rage Chest Heavenly Chest Holy Belt of Temis
@DrugAdik Argent City
(2227, 2842)
( )
Rurouni Kenshin Boots
@o4 Argent City
(2228, 2899)
( Diamond Star )
Diamond Star
@·M·MMadara Argent City
(2232, 2756)