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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2018

ID Name Description Type Class
490 Freezy Wind Launch a Snowy wind that deals damage to surrounding targets Active Skill -
491 Heaven Tears Stunning Area of Effect Skill,Consume 2 skill points to learn and lvl up. Active Skill -
492 Mirage Slash Attacks target with magical damage Active Skill Crusader
493 Demonic Tears Debuffs all enemies in a range. Active Skill Seal Master
494 Almighty Uproar Attacks target with a small lightning storm. Active Skill Voyager
495 Titan's Fury Unleash the inner titan within you! Character goes into a fury for 25s. Active Skill Champion
496 Spiritual Aid Attacks target with magical damage Active Skill Cleric
497 Full Body Explosion Attack Explosion. Damage enemies on the surroundings. Depends on your max attack and accuracy. Active Skill Sharp Shooter
498 Chakra Ball Throw a Negative Chakra ball on the enemy Active Skill -
499 Chakra Analyze Analyze enemy weak points and at the same time damage them Active Skill -