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Last Updated on: May 24th, 2020

ID Name Description Type Class
153 Mist of Snow Queen Passive Skill -
154 Lump of Mud King Passive Skill -
155 Spiritual Comprehension Increases Max SP Passive Skill Merchant
156 Knife Expertise Increases attack power when using Knife and Cutter Passive Skill Merchant
157 Bloody Screech Launch a blood type attack to your surrounding targets. Active Skill Merchant
158 Mytho Transmutation Release a howling rage type cry that damages your surrounding targets Active Skill Merchant
159 Ecliptic Shielding Heal your self while you deal damage to your sourrounding enemies Active Skill Merchant
160 Monetary Value Send a ray of power to damage your enemies from a far distance! Active Skill Merchant, Monster
161 Dangerous Advance Increases attack speed of character. Reduce characters dodge. Active Skill Merchant
162 War Drum Allies will obtain +100 Attack Speed and Hit Rate, while enemies will have their defense lowered by 7.5% Active Skill Crusader
163 Ethereal Potion Must have a Ethereal Potion in inventory. Active Skill -
164 Bottled Tear of Hydros Must have a Bottled Tear of Hydros in inventory. Active Skill -
165 Essence of Kara Must have a Essence of Kara in inventory. Active Skill -
166 Grand Potion of Evasion Must have a Grand Potion of Evasion in inventory. Active Skill -
167 Immortal Flame Must have a Immortal Flame in inventory. Active Skill -
168 Royal Potion Must have a Royal Potion in inventory. Active Skill -
169 Deafening Blast Must have a Deafening Blast in inventory. Active Skill -
170 Bounty Must have a Grenade Lv1 in inventory. Active Skill -
171 GW Must have a Grenade Lv1 in inventory. Active Skill -
172 Destructive Snow Ball Must have a Destructive Snow Ball in inventory. Active Skill -
173 Ascension Skill obtained after Ascendancy. Passive Skill -
174 Dealer's Wrath Empowers your character with wrath. Become more deadly. Active Skill Merchant
190 Bomb Explosion Monster Skill Active Skill -
200 Woodcutting Equip an Axe to harvest wood Passive Skill -
201 Mining Equip a Pickaxe to mine ore Passive Skill -
202 Sit Rests your character to regain HP Active Skill -
210 Diligence Increases SP recovery rate of character Passive Skill Explorer, Voyager
211 Current Increases sailing speed of ship Passive Skill Explorer, Voyager
212 Conch Armor Increases defense of ship Passive Skill Explorer, Voyager
213 Tornado Twirl target up into the air, preventing them from attacking. Active Skill Explorer, Voyager
214 Lightning Bolt Strike target with a bolt of lightning. Active Skill Explorer, Voyager
215 Entanglement Uses seaweed to bind and damage target Active Skill Explorer, Voyager
216 Conch Ray Damages targets in a straight line Active Skill Voyager
217 Tail Wind Summons wind to boost sailing speed of ships in an area Active Skill Voyager
218 Whirlpool Creates a whirlpool to decrease movement speed of hostile ships within range Active Skill Voyager
219 Fog Decreases attack of enemies within range Active Skill Voyager
220 Lightning Curtain Creates a thunderstorm that damages targets in range Active Skill Voyager
222 Break Armor Decreases defense of target Active Skill Crusader
223 Rousing Increases attack speed and hit rate of character Active Skill Hunter, Sharp Shooter
224 Venom Arrow Shoots a dart which poisons target Active Skill Hunter, Sharp Shooter
225 Harden Increases defense of character Active Skill Herbalist, Cleric, Seal Master
226 Cannon Mastery Increases attack of ship Passive Skill -
227 Toughen Wood Increases defense of ship Passive Skill -
228 Sail Mastery Increases sailing speed of ship Passive Skill -
229 Reinforce Ship Increases durability of ship Passive Skill -
230 Oil Tank Upgrade Increases fuel capacity of ship Passive Skill -
231 Fishing Available if ship has fishing capabilities Active Skill -
232 Salvage Available if ship has salvaging capabilities Active Skill -
233 Bombardment Fragments will deal damage to targets within range Passive Skill -
234 Death Shriek Boss Skill Active Skill -