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Last Updated on: December 13th, 2018

ID Name Description Type Class
103 Angelic Shield Increases defense of character Active Skill Cleric
104 Seal of Elder Prevent target from using skill Active Skill Seal Master
105 Shadow Insignia Prevents target from using normal attack Active Skill Seal Master
106 Energy Shield Activate to convert Damage taken into SP absorbed Active Skill Cleric
107 Howl Damages targets within range Active Skill Champion
108 Barbaric Crush Active Skill Swordsman, Champion, Crusader
109 Dual Sword Increases attack of dual wield weapons Passive Skill Crusader
110 Shield of Thorns Passive Skill -
111 Parry Active Skill -
112 Meteor Shower Shoots down a rain of arrows damaging targets within range Active Skill Hunter, Sharp Shooter
113 Magma Bullet Burns the ground causing continuously damage to targets within the area Active Skill Sharp Shooter
114 Dispersion Bullet Casts a bullet that slows down your opponet with ice. Active Skill Sharp Shooter
115 Penetrating Bullet Active Skill Sharp Shooter
116 True Sight Creates an overseeing eye that reveals all invisible units Active Skill Cleric, Seal Master
117 Greater Heal Active Skill Cleric
118 Greater Recover Active Skill Cleric
119 Cursed Fire Decreases the defense of targets within range Active Skill Seal Master
120 Counterguard Active Skill Seal Master
121 Abyss Mire Decreases speed of targets within range Active Skill Seal Master
122 Healing Spring Create an area that heals friendly targets continuously Active Skill Cleric
123 Stealth Become invisible to others Active Skill Crusader
124 Revival Revive dead character Active Skill Herbalist, Cleric, Seal Master
125 Totem's Worship Passive Skill Champion
126 Gunpowder Research Passive Skill Sharp Shooter
127 Tiger Roar Decreases attack and movement speed of targets within range Active Skill Crusader
128 Saliva of Lizard Passive Skill -
129 Needle of Stramonium Passive Skill -
130 Stone of Treant Passive Skill -
131 Panda's Bamboo Shoot Passive Skill -
132 Bolt of Terra Elder Passive Skill -
133 Bolt of Naiad Passive Skill -
134 Oyster Passive Skill -
135 Bubble Clam Passive Skill -
136 Baby Icy Dragon Passive Skill -
137 Icy Dragoon Passive Skill -
138 Shadow Quiver Passive Skill -
139 Mist of Snow Lady Passive Skill -
140 Fireball of Chieftain Passive Skill -
141 Werewolf Quiver Passive Skill -
142 Fireball of Giant Slug Passive Skill -
143 Icecube of King Penguin Passive Skill -
144 Dart of Ninja Mole Passive Skill -
145 Heart of Mermaid Passive Skill -
146 Relic Protector Passive Skill -
147 Wave of King Tortoise Passive Skill -
148 Bubble of Water Dancer Passive Skill -
149 Mud of Mudman Passive Skill -
150 Hand of Stramonium Passive Skill -
151 Guardian Angel Passive Skill -
152 Soul of Goddess Passive Skill -