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Jul 19, 2024          12:45:09 PM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023



We have added Abaddon which will work along our new "Item Augments" system. You will be able to farm the required "Traits" and "Enhancement" to increase your gears stats! Each class has their own Abaddon boss to acquire the Trait book for their class. Below is a list of all the bosses and which class they have

Portal to Abaddon 5 Portal Entrance Abaddon 4 (198,942)

Once you have entered the portal you will have to kill each floors boss below to proceed to the next stage of the map.

Abaddon 5 - 8

Abaddon 5: Despair Knight - Saro Abaddon 6: Abyss Mudmonster - Karu

Abaddon 7: Abyss Prisoner - Aruthur Abaddon 8: Abyss Demon - Sacrois

Note1: You will no longer be able to enter Abaddon 5-8 again once the previous portals close. Bring Clerics!

Once you kill All of the bosses above you will need to run to Abaddon 8 and enter the portal and the center of the room withing 300 seconds!

Abaddon 9

Run the sides of Abaddon 9 and find the next boss Abyss Beast - Kuro. Watch out hes really strong!

Abaddon 9: Abyss Beast - Kuroo

Once Abyss Beast - Kuro is killed you have 240 seconds to find the portal in Abaddon 9 to the next zone before the map collapse on itself and will no longer be able to enter!

Abaddon 10-17

The Bosses below drop "Traits" depending on their respective class. Example: Abyss Lord - Despair (Cleric), will drop the Trait 'Holy'

Abaddon 10: Abyss Lord - Phantom Baron Abaddon 11: Abyss Lord - Demon Flame


Abaddon 12: Abyss Lord - Evil Beast Abaddon 13: Abyss Lord - Tycoon


Abaddon 14: Abyss Lord - Phoenix Abaddon 15: Abyss Lord - Despair


Abaddon 16: Abyss Lord - Drakan Abaddon 17: Abyss Lord - Tidal
Seal Master


Once all of the class bosses are killed you will need to enter the portal in the center of Abaddon Haven before the map collapses

Abaddon 18

Abyss Lord - Hardin is a great black dragon from the depths of hell. He is the pet of the Abyss Supreme Kara and you will have to defeat him before you are able to challenge his master!
Abaddon 18: Abyss Lord - Hardin

Eternal Abbadon

Abyss Supreme - Kara is one of the hardest bosses in the game. She has drop that will help with Augments and Traits!

Abaddon 19: Abyss Supreme - Kara

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