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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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Last Update on: June 12th, 2018

Player Commands

Players now have the following commands they may use in game in local chat. Typing them in others (Party, Guild, World, Trade) will not work.

Common Commands

/bank - Opens player bank anywhere
/boss - View boss respawn information
/buff - View your buff status
/code (code) - Enter the captcha code when you are inside of maps Tundra Path and Death Forest
/count - The number of player(s)* in your map
/combine - Opens Gem Combine Window
/daily - View your daily tasks status
/decombine* - Decombines the gem place on 4th inv slot
/events - Teleport to Events Square if an event is active.
/fission - Fissions the apparel on 4th inv slot
/forge - Opens Forging Window
/fusion - Opens Apparel Fusion Window
/help or /? - Displays all of the player commands
/potion - View your potion status
/quest or /mission - Shows the status of your quest
/question or /q - View the current Events Square question if you missed it.
/repair - Repairs all equipment that is currently quipped
/rules - Displays the server's rules
/socket - Opens Socket Window
/temp - Sends the item placed on your 4th inventory slot to the temp bag
/time - Current server time
/tip - Displays a random tip for player(s) if they ever need a quick guide
/upgrade - Opens Apparel Upgrade Window
/world - View World Boss live ranking

Note*: This command will only show player(s) that are alive.
Note*: The decombine command is new. You must place the gem (Lv2-9) on your 4th inventory slot. You must have a LvX Decomposition Powder as well. (Ex: To decombine a Lv7 Gem, you need 1x Lv7 Decomposition Powder) Decomposition powder can be obtained from the IGShop.

Guild Only Commands

/accept - Accept guild war request
/credits - View your guild credits
/decline - Decline guild war request
/donate (amount) - Donate guild credits to the guild
/guildnews or /gnews - View your guild's news
/guildwar or /gw - View your guild war status
/lounge - Teleports you to your guild lounge