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Jul 19, 2024          01:53:17 PM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

Level 150 Skill

There are three types of "new" skills. The first one can be obtained from Quests in Dream City, the other in Shaitan[tele], the newer ones from bosses.

Shaitan NPC Skills


  • A couple of billion dollar notes.
  • ROSO Energy Card

I really haven't understand these skill until I Hinata from the forum posted enough details. Here they are:

Skill NameClasses RequiredInfo
Vibe SlashSeal MasterPowerful, has a nice cooldown.
Covert FogVoyagerOffers the ability to stealth for a short duration.
Energy BulwarkSeal MasterWorks like SM's energy shield, lasts ~20 secs
Halo SalvationClericSelf heal, 16k base, cooldown 1-2mins
Energy WebCleric3 sec stun, physical & magical attack
Each skill mentioned above costs Energy from 7-10, depending on the skill.

Lv150 Skills


  • You need to be lv150
  • ROSO Energy card in inventory(200m at shaitan 903, 3566)

The energy of the ROSO card will decrease by 1 each time you use the skill.


ClassSkill NameSP Needed
CrusaderMirage Slash550
SharpshooterFull Body Explosion540
ChampionTitan's Fury650
VoyagerAlmighty Uproar550
Seal MasterDemonic Tears100
ClericSpiritual Aid250


Crus : Damages the surrounding area with a physical AOE attack

Sharpshooter : Damages the surrounding area with a physical AOE attack

Champion : Increases hitrate hp , def , dodge and attackspeed for a small duration

Sealmaster : Decrease target's physical resistance in area

Cleric : Deals Magical lightning damage in the surrounding area

Voyager : Deals Magical damage in the surrounding area

Where to obtain

You can buy them from players(easy way) or by killing bosses

They are randomly dropped by these 4 bosses.
Boss NameLocationInfo
Master PetDream Island(393, 616)Enter portal, go left(96, 151)
Hell SkyIcicle L4 Map(1329, 538)Just follow the map
Volcanic BeastSummoned, see 4th RebirthCan also be bought from players
BarbarossaSkeletar IsleFollow the map below