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Jul 14, 2024          09:41:18 AM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

Necklace Titles

Necklace Titles

You're now able to obtain some unique titles!

All of the titles are essentially necklace apparels. You can fuse your current necklace to them to gain the effect. Each necklace will add +5% HP to your character.

Note1: You cannot apparel upgrade the fused necklaces
Note2: All of the Emblems of Ascendancy have had a +5% HP bonus applied to them.
Note3: The title necklaces can be traded just like normal apparels, however they cannot be dropped or sold to NPC while fused.
Note4: You can use the command /buff to see the bonus HP in effect

Obtaining each of the titles require you to do the same tasks a certain amount of times before you're awarded with them. Some may be easier than others depending on who you are.
Treasure HunterComplete hunting for treasure via NSS50x
SnowmanKill a snowman in the Snowman Army*50x
ROSOObtainable via the ROSO Coin Shop-
Daily ChampComplete a daily task21x
Chaos MasterKill an enemy inside of CA, CT or CS*100x
Bounty MasterKill an enemy inside of BH*70x
Boss SlayerBe the killer of any of the bosses found using /boss, Guild Bosses, FC Boss, DS Boss, DW Bosses, or Raid Bosses15x
PK DuelistDefeat an enemy while in PK Mode*40x
Goddess SaverSave Goddess Eden10x
DreamerDefeat an enemy in Dream Island*40x
CombinerCombine any gems using Lv4 Combiner or regular Combine80x
Deca SageComplete the Decathalon Quest15x
Potion MasterComplete the cooking/manufacturing any blueprint20x
FashionistaComplete apparel fusion of any apparels100x
World SeekerTake part of World Boss6x
KingBecome the king in KOTH50x
King SlayerKill the king in KOTH70x

Note1: You can continue to obtain titles, however every time you complete the requirements to gain 1, the amount needed for that character will increase.
Note2: The snowman title will only be available until January 7th, 2019
Note3: Do you have a suggestion for a new title? Let us know in our #suggestion_channel in discord and it could be added next!
Note4: Each enemy must have a different IP address to be counted