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Jul 19, 2024          01:03:32 PM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023

Pet Orbs

Pet Orbs

Pet Orbs are a new feature! They are essentially brand new pet skills!

Self DestructConfusionDizzyRestoration



You can get an Orb Bag for winning the following maps
   ~Chaos Argent
   ~Bounty Hunter PK
   ~Chaos Tundra
They are also obtainable inside of the Raid Feature.


In order to feed your fairy one of the Pet Orbs, your fairy cannot have any existing Pet Skill.

To remove your fairy's skill, you need to purchase the Pet Skill Remove from our In-game Shop.

Note1: This will only remove the Fairy Skills. Pet orbs will not be removed.


In order to combine your Pet Orbs into the next level, you will need different amounts depending on what level the Orb Maxes out at.

You can find the exchanger in Shaitan City (894,3550) next to the Pet Mall.

Max Level 3
30x Lv11x Lv2
25x Lv21x Lv3

Max Level 5
8x Lv11x Lv2
8x Lv21x Lv3
6x Lv31x Lv4
4x Lv41x Lv5

Max Level 9
4x Lv11x Lv2
4x Lv21x Lv3
4x Lv31x Lv4
3x Lv41x Lv5
2x Lv51x Lv6
2x Lv61x Lv7
2x Lv71x Lv8
2x Lv81x Lv9


Every time the Pet Orbs effect activates, your fairy's stamina will decrease by 30.

Pet Orbs will not active if your fairy has less than 50 stamina.

We have added Great Fairy Ration and Great Auto Ration to the In-game Shop.

These new rations will completely fill up your fairy's stamina.

Note1: Each pet can only have up to 2 different orbs.
Note2: After each orb has taken effect, they will use up 30 fairy stamina
Note3: Pet Orbs will have the same effect as "Standard Magic" as well as "Standard Meditation" so you do **NOT** need that skill on your fairy.
Note4: The Pet Orb "Revive" will only have a chance to take effect 30 seconds after your initial time of death.