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Dec 07, 2023          07:46:09 AM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on May 10th, 2023


Guild War

Guild Wars has been massively improved! We realized that having us set the schedule for you players was not ideal, as some guilds could not get enough people on at a certain time. However now things have changed! Click to enlarge


Battle out in intense conditions for your Guild to claim the throne as the best!


In order to request a Guild War

1.)You must have a Guild War Request Token
2.)At least 3 members from each Guild online to accept the request!

Note1: Each guild can participate in a guild war every 3 days.
Note2: Each player can only participate in 1 guild war per week.

[Guild War Request Token]

You can obtain a Guild War Request Token via Guildmaster - Forlan in Shaitan City (831,3550)

Note1: Any guild member can purchase a guild war request token for 100 credits. Guild leaders get a discount and can purchase them for 80 credits
Note2: The credits required are the ones that you earn, not the credits that are shown in your guild window. To view how many credits you have, visit guild lounge then use the command "/credits"

[Sending a Guild War Request]

Once you have obtained your Guild War Request Token , you can now use it to request a guild war as long as it fulfills the following conditions

1.)You must be in a guild at the time of the request
2.)Your guild war target must be in a guild
3.)You cannot request guild war with yourself or other members of your guild
4.)You and your target guild must both have at least 3 members online
5.)You and your target guild cannot have done a guild war in the past 3 days
6.)You and your target guild cannot have another guild war request pending
7.)You and your target guild cannot already be scheduled for guild war
8.)There must be a concurrent guild war slot available1

Note1: There can only be up to 3 concurrent wars at the same time. Ex: [Guild War #1] < Guild A > vs < Guild B >, [Guild War #2] < Guild C > vs < Guild D > and [Guild War #3] < Guild E > vs < Guild F > are scheduled for war, < Guild G > cannot request a guild war with < Guild H > or any other guild until one of the previous guild wars have ended.

Once the Guild War Request Token verifies that all of these conditions are met, your guild will have a pending guild war request.

All pending guild war requests last for 30 minutes. Both sides have 30 minutes to get 3 members1 online to agree to the war before it is scheduled. Once the time has ran out, the request will be cancelled.

To answer the war request, simply type either "/accept" or "/decline"

Note1: The members must be different. You cannot login an alt and accept the request yourself.
Note2: Declining will only remove you from the list of being notified of this message. If other members in your guild accept the war request it will still go on
Note3: Even if you do decline the request, if the guild war is still scheduled by other members in your guild, you can still participate.
Note4: Once you have declined, you can no longer accept that guild war request
Note5: The player who has sent the guild war request does not need to accept the request. They are automatically assumed to have accepted it because they sent the request in the first place.


Once both sides have fully accepted the guild war, it will start in exactly 2 hours.

Ex: Both sides accept the request at 4:31 and war will start at 6:31.

Note1: Guild members who leave the guild after the war time has been set will no longer be able to participate.
Note2: Guilds that are registered for war cannot be disbanded until the war has ended.

Each guild leader can purchase "Defenders" for their guild in guild war!

+1 Tower+1 Guardian+1 Wolf Archer+1 Pirate

+1 Soldier+1 Captain+7% Base Defense+5% Base Attack

+1 Bomb[Novice]+1 Bomb[Standard]+1 Bomb[Expert]+1 Water Mine[Novice]

+1 Water Mine[Standard]+1 Water Mine[Expert]
In order to purchase these defenders, you must already be registered for guild war.

Note1: Guild leaders will only be able to purchase guild defenders in the time period before the war starts. Cannot purchase after it starts.


There is a "cost" limit for each defender you may purchase.
Each Guild starts off with 30 cost. Guilds get 10 cost per Guild Level.
Ex: Guild Lv2 will have 50 cost. (30 + (10 x 2))
DefenderCostMax Amount
+1 Tower420
+1 Guardian510
+1 Wolf Archer415
+1 Pirate55
+1 Soldier225
+1 Captain610
+7% Base Defense155
+5% Base Attack155
+1 Bomb[Novice]110
+1 Bomb[Standard]37
+1 Bomb[Expert]55
+1 Water Mine[Novice]120
+1 Water Mine[Standard]218
+1 Water Mine[Expert]415

Note1: The Trade Value you see in game is the amount of guild credits you need. It is NOT gold.
Note2: You can use the command "/guildwar" or "/gw" to see the status of your guild registration.

Once your done preparing your guild and you're ready for guild war, visit Guild War Teleport in Shaitain Sea(844, 3671)

Note1: You will be unable to enter until the scheduled time


Once you have entered inside of the map, you will need to sail to one of the docks as shown on the map above.

The main focal point are the bases. Whichever side gets their base taken down first will loose.
Base AttackerBase Defender

While the bases are the most important, you need to Make sure your Granary and Warehouses are protected as well!

When your Granary is destroyed, your base's defense will be greatly reduced!
Granary AttackerGranary Defender

When your Warehouse is destroyed, your base's attack will be greatly reduced!
Warehouse AttackerWarehouse Defender

While your inside of guildwar, you can view the status of your artillery by using the command "/guildwar" or "/gw"
You will obtain points for doing the following:
-Every 3 opponents killed. +5 Points
-Every tower defeated. +2 Points
-Defeating enemy Granary. +10 Points
-Defeating enemy Warehouse. +10 Points
-Defeating enemy Base. +30 Points

Note1: If you have at least 5 points, if you are defeated you will loose 2.

Note2: Your Guild Score is the combined score of all the members inside Guild War


Each guild war will last for 1 hour exactly. In order to win before the time is up you must defeat your opponent's base.

Destroy opposing Base
Winning guild gets their score times 3 added as a guild credits + a random guild benefit + 1 win record

The guild benefit will be one of the following:
- Defense bonus
- Damage bonus
- Half of both

Loosing guild gets their score times 2 added as a guild credits + 1 loss record

Failure to destroy base in time limit
Guild with highest score at the end will be the winner and obtain their score added as guild credits + a random guild benefit

The guild benefit will be one of the following:
- Defense bonus
- Damage bonus
- Half of both

Failure to destroy base in time limit and Scores are tied
Both guilds will get half of the score added as guild credits. No loss or win will be recorded for each guilds.

Failure to show up to guild war1
Both guilds will receive a loss on their records.

Note1: This means registering for guild war and neither guilds enter the map within the time limit.