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Sep 25, 2021          03:46:34 AM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on January 13th, 2020


Hydros Weapons

Now you want to get stronger right? Well these weapons are the best gear once you reach level 150!

Hydros Weapons

Sword of HydrosHammer of HydrosPistol of HydrosBow of HydrosBlade of Hydros
Staff of HydrosSeal of HydrosDagger of HydrosKnife/Cutter of Hydros

Hydros Quest


  • An existing Rage/Sage Weapon
  • 80x Hydros Fruits

Hydros Weapons are obtained by upgrading Rage/Sage weapons.

1: Message of Hydros

To get the first quest, you need to go to Reputation Exchanger NPC (1335,533) Icicle City.

After that you need hunt x1 Hell Sky. You can find it in L4 Map (92,345). When you kill the boss, go back to Reputation Exchanger Npc to finish the quest, and then you need to head to silver mine 2.

Meet Drunky at: Silver Mine 2 (295,58) and take the second quest.

2: Message of Hydros

This quest will need you to hunt 4 lava dragons, you can find lava dragons in Volcanic isle.

When you finish killing the 4 Lava Dragons go back to the NPC and finish the quest.

Now Head to Naval Base to get the third quest.

3: Message of Hydros

Head to Naval Base (1042,136) and talk to Wellington. In this quest you will need to hunt Succubus of Hell x1, and obtain x10 hydros fruits.

You can find Succubus of Hell in Shaitan Mirage (120,109). And the Hydros Fruits you get them by Hell Sky, Succubus of Hell, Warrior Demon, and Pirate Captain 008 (Panda) drop, you can get x1 or x3 depends on your luck.

Once you finish get back to Wellington and finish the quest.

Now get ready to head to Skeletar isle!

4: Message of Hydros

Move to (517,407) Skeletar Isle and talk to Mark Turner. In this quest you need to hunt x1 Warrior Demon and obtain x5 Hydros Fruits.

You can find Warrior Demon in (1443,3069) Barren Cavern, Hydros fruit where i mentioned before. And when you finish go back to Mark Turner and complete the quest.

Now head to Winter Island.

5: Message of Hydros

Move to (1148,403) Winter island and talk to Explorer Chris. In this quest you will need to hun x6 Pirate Captains 008.

Pirate Captain 008 can be found at Autumn Island. After you finish that, go back to complete the quest.

Now go to Demonic World 2.

FINAL: Message of Hydros

Head to demonic world 2 (328,208) and find Tomas Tutu. In this final quest you will need to Hunt x1 Hell Sky, and obtain x65 Hydros Fruits.

After you finish, go back to Tomas and complete the quest.

You will obtain a Pouch of Melancholy. double click it and you'll obtain a Melancholy of Hydros for your class.

Visit any upgrade and place your Rage/Sage weapon along with the Melancholy of Hydros to obtain the corresponding weapon for your class! Congrats!

Note1: All gems will be transferred to the new Hydros weapon during the upgrade.