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Sep 25, 2021          03:48:07 AM


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ROSO Game Guide

Welcome to our Game Guide! These guide(s) were made in order to help you out in your journey through ROSO!

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This guide was last updated on January 13th, 2020



For the longest time, shields did not have much use in ROSO until now!

Shields have become a Crusader exclusive equipment to help them battle against magic classes!


Enchanted by the Holy Priests, the crusaders shield have been modified to reflect a percentage of damage back to magic classes, percentage damage varies depending on quality of shield.

Note1: Only skills exclusive to magic classes will be reflected. Skills such as vibe slash for example, will not be affected since other classes can also use it.


Crevice ShieldBlessed ShieldWyrm Shield

5% damage reflect

7% damage reflect

9% damage reflect
Crusaders ShieldIce-covered Holy Snow ShieldSavage Bull Shield

9% damage reflect

9% damage reflect

9% damage reflect

Note1: Any shield not mentioned above will default to a 1% damage reflect.


Kylin ShieldFearless ShieldRage Shield

9% damage reflect

12% damage reflect

15% damage reflect
Hydros ShieldRaid Shield

20% damage reflect

25% damage reflect

Note1: You may obtain the new shields the same way as their other equipment counterparts. Ex: Kylin available via Kylin Cards or Award Center. Fearless via upgrading a Sealed Fearless Shield* to a Fearless Shield. Etc..

Note2: Sealed Fearless Shield has been added to Sealed Fearless Chest


Aegis of Gods Apparel

+5% additional damage reflect when fused

Note1: Unless the Aegis of Gods is fused, it will not reflect any damage.

Note2: When gemmed, the Aegis of Gods will give off a custom glow.

Note3: You can obtain the Aegis of Gods shield via the In-game shops for 3,000 IGS Crystals.

Note4: Aegis of God can be upgraded to 120% using Strengthening Gems.


The official list of gems that can be forged into shields are:

Gem List
Glowing GemShining Gem
Gem of StrikingGem of Colossus
Gem of RageEye of Black Dragon
Azrael's GlareAzrael's Aggregation
Broken Gem of StrikingCracked Gem of Striking
Chipped Gem of StrikingBroken Gem of Colossus
Cracked Gem of ColossusChipped Gem of Colossus
Broken Gem of RageCracked Gem of Rage
Chipped Gem of RageGreat Gem of Colossus
Excruciating Dragon Eye